Frequently Asked Questions

Why boudoir photos? 
Is it a gift for your partner? Or purely for yourself? Do you have a new tattoo or body enhancement that you’d like to show off, or perhaps you’ve recently lost weight or toned up and would like to reward yourself? Maybe you’re celebrating a special time in your life - an engagement, milestone birthday, or you’ve finished having children and want to reclaim your body. Whatever your reason, the main thing is that it's your reason - these sessions are a time to celebrate and empower YOU.

I don’t normally wear makeup. Is it required for photos?
Although not strictly required - they are your photos, after all - it is highly recommended to have it professionally done for photos. Curly/wavy hair is preferred as it shows beautiful volume in photographs. Having this done professionally definitely adds to the overall experience!

Can I bring a friend?
If you think you’d be more comfortable with a friend watching your session, please let me know. In my experience it usually causes more hesitation in posing to your full potential, so isn’t recommended.

Do I need to buy expensive lingerie?
No, not at all! You can find some super affordable pieces in stores you wouldn’t necessarily think of - lace and bodysuits are so trendy at the moment and can be found in nearly every chain clothing store in major shopping centres. I am also more than happy to help with suggestions to suit your body type, that I know photograph well. You can find more information in my What to Wear Guide.

Do I have to get completely naked? 
Not at all! I will customise your session style and posing completely to your level of comfort. Sometimes this can include implied nudity, where it looks like you are naked, but in fact you're not. It's totally up to you!

I'm a mum and I have so many stretchmarks, saggy skin, etc. Can you do anything to help minimise this? 
Definitely! While I'm all for celebrating women's bodies as they are - especially when they have grown and birthed children - I certainly understand wanting to appear smoother and flawless in these types of images. I am experienced with posing and lighting to help minimise these areas naturally - however, sometimes it needs a little extra digital retouching work afterwards. You can let me know your preferences for this during your session.

How should I display my photos in my home?
The most common option is to create a beautiful album, showcasing all your favourite images. You can choose to keep this for yourself, of gift it to your partner for a special occasion. You can also have prints of your images hanging in your bedroom or ensuite.