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Jacqui | Brisbane boudoir photographer

A question I am often asked by my clients, is if I provide a boudoir wardrobe for them to wear for their photo session. The short answer is no - however I do have some gowns/robes and other accessories that can be used by my clients in addition to their own lingerie.

I ask clients to bring their own lingerie for a few reasons - number one, obviously being hygiene. I'm pretty certain most women don't want to wear tight, skimpy knickers that have already been worn, no matter how many times they've been washed before.

The next reason is another obvious one - sizing. I'm sure every woman has experienced the occasion where you buy something off the rack that is your size - only to try it on at home and realise it doesn't fit just right! Lingerie can be tricky to size - what looks amazing on one size 12, might look not so amazing on another size 12. It's all about body proportions, skin tone, size, and style preference. It would be almost impossible for me to keep my studio stocked with multiple sizing to cover everybody's needs.

Another big reason, is to personalise your own photos. By using lingerie that you have specifically chosen, that means something to you, ensures your boudoir session is unique and your photos hold more meaning.

So after having said all that, how many outfits do you need to bring? My answer is, as few or as many as you like. It's totally up to you. Most women choose to bring 2-3 sets of lingerie, and I find that amount works perfectly when transitioning between each posing set. As you can see from the session below, even with just one set of lingerie, we can create a full and varied gallery - especially when extra props (such as a shirt) are thrown in.

These are only a few selected images from this amazing recent session - I've picked a few of my absolute favourites to share with you today. Enjoy! x

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