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Ellen | Brisbane boudoir photographer

Some of you may know that I am also a maternity and family photographer, which takes up most of my working week. However there is just something so different and empowering about photographing women - many in the peak of their life, coming to me to forget about their work, their children, the housework - whatever it may be - and just be present for themselves. And then I capture them in this moment.

They may not always feel sexy and confident in this exact moment - I keep it fun and chatty and I joke about how inflexible I am while I attempt to model some of the poses for them - I know that once they leave, and see their finished photos, they do get this wave of confidence, empowerment, and respect for their bodies, no matter how much they have changed over time. And that is exactly why I love what I do!

If you would like more information about my boudoir sessions, or would like to go ahead and book your own, please don't hesitate to contact me today!

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