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Boudoir Photography: What to Wear? | Brisbane boudoir photographer

So, you've gone ahead and booked a boudoir photography session for yourself - the biggest question I hear is, "what do I wear?!"

This guide has taken me a long time to compile, but please know that it is not necessarily black and white - after all, these will be your photos, your budget, and your body. So, take as much or as little from this guide as you like - I am always more than happy to work with each and every client individually to select a wardrobe that best suits their needs.

Firstly, you will need to know what shape your body is. 

Inverted triangle: Also known as upside-down pear. You have broad shoulders, large breasts, small hips, slim legs. Look for knickers with frills or a high waist, to help balance out your top half. Deep v-neck bodysuits will help to slim down your shoulders/chest, while showing off your great cleavage.

Triangle: Also known as pear shape. You have a defined decolletage and small breasts, well-defined waist, and larger hips/thighs. Look for bras or bodysuits that have a lot of added detail around the chest/shoulder areas. Knickers which are low-rise, but are high-cut on the sides will help to balance your bottom half, and lengthen legs.

Rectangle: You are fairly straight up and down, no major curves and very little/no waist definition. Waist-cinchers, such as waspies or corsets, can help define your waist and create some curves. Look for padded push-up bras, ruffled knickers, and high necklines.

Round: Also known as apple shape. You have full breasts, round hips, and often shorter in stature. Look for bodysuits and lingerie that helps to lift breasts to create a longer torso. You may choose to wear a babydoll or negligee which will skim over your belly and hips to help hide any lumps or bumps.

Hourglass: You have full breasts and larger hips, with a slim waist. Look for bodysuits with a v-neck, and bodysuits which feature a waist belt or embellishment. Garter belts also look amazing. This body type is lucky, as almost everything looks good on you! Just ensure you choose pieces that are structured and well fitted.

"What about help for more specific areas..."

Small boobs: You want to boost them! Stick to underwired bras (so no bralets) and padding. If you can't create cleavage, try higher necked bodysuits or bra tops. If you find a bodysuit you love, but it doesn't provide boosting or padding, try wearing a bra underneath (if the style permits). 

Big boobs: Flaunt what you've got! Find bras with great support that boost them up, to lengthen your waist and create killer cleavage. Bralets look amazing with perky breasts (fake or natural) that don't need so much support to lift. Look for deep v-neck bodysuits and avoid high necked pieces. 

No waist/short torso: Avoid long-line bras, high waisted knickers, and garter belts. Bustiers can help cinch in your waist and also boost up your breasts to help lengthen your shape. 

Short legs: Look for high-cut knickers on the side (or wear them above your hip) to help your legs appear longer. Nude coloured pumps will also be your best friend, as they will be seen as an extension of your legs, making them appear longer in your photos. 

Mummy Tummy: Are you left with saggy, wrinkly belly skin after having children (or losing a large amount of weight)? Bodysuits are a great option to smooth over your skin if you'd prefer to completely cover the area. Don't shy away from a killer lingerie set though - my posing and editing can still help to make you look flawless!  

Large arms: This can be an issue for many women, regardless of body size - those "tuckshop lady arms / bingo wings"! Again, posing is key here - but adding a robe or oversized shirt can also be a fantastic prop to change up your look, and also conceal your upper arms at the same time. Dropped slightly from the shoulder, it can look super sexy! 

Muffin top: The best thing to avoid a pronounced muffin top, is to buy knickers at least one size larger than your usual size. You can also try pulling the sides up above your hip, depending on the style of knicker - this can also be a great pose to actually photograph. 

Other helpful tips...

* Try to avoid purchasing lingerie pieces online, unless you're absolutely sure on sizing - it's usually best to go in-store and speak with the shop assistants for their opinion and guidance about what works best for your body. In my experience, the girls working in speciality shops are always super experienced and only too happy to help.

* If in doubt, the bare minimum I would suggest is a black lingerie set, a bodysuit, and heels. My sessions allow for 3-4 outfit changes, however don't feel that this means you NEED to go and purchase 4 separate outfits! There are always so many options I can rely on to give you a full and varied boudoir gallery. 

* Although it's not compulsory to bring heels to your session, I'd highly recommend them. They help to lengthen your legs, and put that extra finishing touch on certain poses. I'd recommend either nude or black, round toed, closed in pumps. If you have both colour options, even better! If you also have a fun option, like leopard print, or sparkly glitter heels, bring them along too. 

* What style of knicker is best - there are so many options?! Generally speaking, I'd recommend the "Brazilian cut" knicker to be the best all-rounder option. 

* Although lingerie will usually be the most featured part of your boudoir photos, don't discount other clothing items that also can be used, that you might not always think of. These can be pieces such as an oversized knit sweater, opaque tights, knee socks, lace mask, sheer white t-shirt... the options are endless! 

* And lastly, but certainly not least - when you ooze confidence, it doesn't matter what you're wearing. Make sure you're totally comfortable with your outfit choices, that they make you feel like a supermodel. Flaunt it, be proud, and your images will look AMAZING! 

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