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All about professional hair and makeup - for photography

I get a lot of questions from clients, about makeup and hair for their photo shoot. I can't recommend a professional artist more, especially for boudoir photos. One of the best things about boudoir shoots, is that the focus is completely on YOU! You are doing this for your own reasons, celebrating the confidence in your own self. What better reason to pamper yourself and be styled by a professional, who will enhance your natural beauty features and help to boost your confidence even more. 

Over my years of portrait photography, and now most recently boudoir, I've really noticed that clients who have their makeup and hair professionally done photograph just so flawlessly compared to others. It's not always evident in person - sometimes it's not until I see them on my editing screen, that I notice the difference. It certainly makes my editing process quicker and easier.

To elaborate further, and provide professional perspective, I thought I'd have a chat with Liz, from Gorgeous by Liz. Liz is a professional makeup artist and hair stylist, and I've used her services for many clients over the past five years, and I'm always blown away at the quality of her work. Here's what she had to say ...

Have you ever taken a photo of yourself and thought, "wow, I thought my makeup was a lot darker/brighter/different than that"? Or gone from the bathroom into another room of the house with natural lighting, and again the same thoughts pop into your head? That is the best way to describe the main difference with everyday makeup to professional or photography makeup.

My business, or any professional makeup business, is designed to enhance your best features for the camera.

I always tell my clients, the makeup will look a bit darker or have more coverage than what you are used to in person; however, the camera will instantly lighten the makeup. As with most clients, they sometimes feel a bit overdone, so I get the lovely photographer to take a quick snap and show them the image on screen, so they can instantly see how the makeup will look.

False eyelashes are another must-do. All my clients are provided with false lashes. It just adds another layer to the final look. Even if you have beautiful long lashes to begin with, adding extra thickness will define your eyes even more, which again translates on-camera to that beautiful smokey look.

Another issue I notice a lot, is while your makeup looks beautiful in real life - in photos, it really does show up the flaws. And the most common mistakes I see, are incorrect foundation colours - their face and body don't match - and foundations that stop at the jaw line. All my clients are colour matched on their d├ęcolletage and then airbrushed from their face down to their collar bones, so that it's all smoothly blended in, without those harsh contrasts.
Hair is a lot easier to balance, but there are still differences between everyday hair and professional hair. Professional hair will give the right balance and body to even the whole picture out. And while hair isn't quite as harsh as makeup, if you're going to get your makeup done anyway, you may as well feel extra pampered and get both done.

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